Design Parramatta is a collaborative project between Parramatta City Council and the NSW Government Architects Office.

Multi disciplinary teams of urban designers, architects, landscape architects and artists have been engaged to participate in a six week event. 15+ concepts for Parramatta’s public spaces, streets and lanes will be designed in a creative review of the city’s CBD. The projects will be combined to create a conceptual master plan and act as a catalyst for transformation of the city’s public spaces. A University of Sydney design studio will provide a student perspective.

Design Parramatta aims to encourage collaboration and discourse by running parallel projects and promoting multidisciplinary team work. Three workshops held on the 23rd of July, 13th of August and 3rd of September will assist in facilitating this. The interim design review allows designers the opportunity to receive feedback from an expert design panel, Council and its partners.

Concept design propositions will be exhibited at the conclusion of the event. Together the designs will form a new framework for Parramatta’s public domain to be implemented progressively by Parramatta City Council.Further development and implementation of projects beyond concept design phase will be at the discretion of Parramatta City Council.